Fashionable English Sofas

The fashionable English Sofa

The fashionable English Sofa

Can a classical sofa ever be on trend?

And if one is, should we buy it?

In this fresh, mid-century style lounge, vintage finds have been combined with high street pieces creating an inspiring interior.

The room features a traditional sofa with turned legs and set-back, rounded arms. This classic piece has become so associated with British country houses that in America it’s simply called “English”.

There is good news for anyone who fancies this sofa for their home, because the style is on trend this year, which makes it a great time to buy one.

I’m not suggesting we should slavishly follow fashion, but there are some advantages to buying things when in style, especially classical pieces which don’t come into fashion that often.

When certain shapes are on-trend, lots of stores stock them; and when lots of stores have a version of the furniture shape you are looking for, you have an opportunity to shop from a wider selection of fabrics and finishes.

Also, in the same way that fruit or vegetables are better value when in season, anything that happens to be on-trend in interiors – effectively “in” this season – can usually be found for an attractive price.

Here are some examples of English sofas available from stores right now:

 Lady May Sofa by Sofa Workshop

Lady May Sofa by Sofa Workshop

Sofa Workshop’s Lady May sofa comes in a wide variety of house and designer fabrics from £1,875 for the two seat version shown above.

The Jonesy Sofa by Loaf

The Jonesy Sofa by Loaf

Loaf Jonesy sofa in Thatch house fabric is available from £1,095 (for a two seat version, the one shown is a four seat); in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

Tesco Direct's Florence Sofa

Tesco Direct’s Florence Sofa

Tesco Direct’s Florence sofa – shown here in large two seat option – comes in four fabrics from £599.

 Ikea's Stocksund Sofa

Ikea’s Stocksund Sofa

Ikea’s Stocksund sofa – shown here in as a two seat option in Nolhaga light beige – comes in five colourways from £425.

So if the sofa you have fallen in love with happens to be as fashionable as those featured in the list above, then lucky you; because when classics like this have their moment, it might just be worth making a seasonal investment.

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