This Room Works – The Blue Lounge

The Cool Blue Lounge

This accepting turquoise hue used in a lounge works


There are lots of blues here, the lightest tone is used on walls, (which provides a great backdrop) and seems almost the same hue as the sofa, which is a richer version of the wall colour. This makes the sofa seem softer, which is always a good thing.

There is also a lot of black, in the fireplace, the picture frames, some accessories (including shaded candlesticks on the mantelpiece) and the striped fabric used on the armchairs. Strong colours like black offer punctuation to a room, separating what might otherwise become an indistinct sea of colour.

The perfect quirky black lamp

I love the way white has been introduced on the wall which has the windows (in the window treatments and in accessories). White is echoed in  and on the coffee table. White is so ubiquitous we sometimes forget it’s a colour which needs to be used as carefully as any other colour. This well thought-out use of white is refreshingly subtle.

There is also some yellow & orange providing a warm lift – did you see it? The side table next to the sofa, the shade of the black lamp and the tray on the central coffee table are both offering yellow-oranges and they really shout!

Indigo fairly tribal cushion

Pattern has been introduced in splashes throughout, all geometric and faintly tribal – this use of patterns that tell the same visual story (even though they are different from each other) helps to create texture without jarring.

A useful fairly tribal rug

Finally the whole room is neatly pulled together with the picture over the fireplace – did you notice that the white vessel in the picture is on the side that the white accessories are used and the dark blue vessel on the side where the darker colours have been used?

Lovely use of blue.

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